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Public Comments on the Draft OPTPP

Click below to view the public comments on the Draft OPTPP .




Why is the focus of this plan on transit and not on other modes of transportation?

Per House Bill 1365, the Oklahoma Public Transit Policy Plan shall be “all-inclusive of the public transit systems in the state” and should focus on guiding future collaboration and coordination efforts among these systems, as well as state agencies with an interest in public transit.

Why are you using 2017 Census data instead of 2018?


The study team used the most recent data available at the time the analysis was conducted. Census data from 2018 became available after the team had processed the 2017 data. Population and demographic information used in the Market Analysis report is based on the US Census American Community Survey, using 2013-2017 five-year estimates.

Market Analysis and State of the System Reports

What is classified as “evening service?”

“Evening service” includes services operating after 7 p.m.

Why are the headquarters for 5310 vehicles being mapped?

Exact vehicle location data for 5310 funding recipients was unavailable at the time this analysis was conducted. In lieu of showing specific vehicle data, we mapped the headquarters for 5310 funding recipients to show their distribution across the state.

In the Market Analysis, why are hospitals the only health care facilities shown on the map?

This map is not representative of all healthcare facilities across the state but illustrates a concentration of services in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. A mappable dataset of all health care facilities was not available at the time of the analysis.

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